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February 13, 2013 by bomdialisboa

Learn how to sail with BomDia Lisboa

One of the most fascinating viewpoints in Lisbon is a bit inaccessible…unless you have a boat. From the river Tejo, you can see all Lisbon’s beauty just there, in front of you. Not only that, you can also see how the city was built and designed specifically for the purpose of welcoming, or protecting.

The Belém tower is a mystical watchtower with loads of history. Furthermore, Praça do Comércio, a pearl of a harbor, leaving you breathless in awe of the magnitude and proportions. Majestically sitting on top of the city is the Castelo São Jorge. With great walls around, it was a place to be protected if unwelcomed guests would arrive.

When you are on the sea, it is easy to wander into these kind of dreams. Especially in a sailboat, where it is only you, the wind, and the water.

A Saturday in January we had a group experiencing just this. They were trying our “learn how to sail” activity.  The weather was wonderful. Sunny and with a small breeze in the air. The skipper was guiding our novice captains on their first journey. After trying and learning, failing and succeeding, pasing both Cascais and Lisbon on their way, they came back to Oeiras marina with a huge grin on their faces.

Do not wait any longer & come aboard …


BomDia Lisboa - Sailing


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