November 1

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November 2, 2012 by bomdialisboa

Yesterday was the 1st of November. All Saints day, celebrated
throughout most of catholic Southern Europe. In Portugal, this day is
a public holiday, and a day to commemorate those who are gone. People
take flowers to graves of dead relatives, and also light up candles
for them.

There are plans to remove this day as a public holiday next year.
Portugal, as many other countries in Europe, now have to work more
than before, to be able to deal with the measurements that are put on

1st of November also marks that it is 60 days left of the year. 60
days from now, cities all over the world will be lit up with
fireworks. Lisbon is a beautiful place to be both for Christmas and
for New years. The art scene is exploding this time of year, with free
exhibitions and christmas concerts everywhere.

For BomDia Lisboa and us working here, November 1st was a time for
developing our stories to be even better and more interesting for the
ones that come to Lisbon. Yesterday, we sat on a viewpoint in Lisbon
and worked on the treasure hunt. Making the manuscript and the route
around Lisbon even more interesting than it was before. What better
place to do this than on Lisbon’s rooftop, Miradouro de Sao Pedro de
Alcantara. And what better day to do this than on “Dia de Todos os
Santos”, All Saints day.

We wish you all a good November, and thank you for reading our posts.



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